Here are a few stories of clients that Stanley Technical Services (STS) has helped get their projects finished.

Triosyn Corporation

Triosyn Corp was preparing to submit a proposal to the government to continue development of a military shelter.  They had a short timeline and a lot of information to gather from various departments.  STS met with the principal investigator to understand his vision, and then we drafted the statement of work around his goals.  We then helped create and compile the supporting technical information, including engineering, microbiology, and chemistry test procedures, and detailed financial information.  The proposal was submitted to the government contracting office on time, and Triosyn was awarded a multi-million dollar development contract. 

Safelife Corporation

SafeLife Corp. was growing from an R&D company into manufacturing production in a regulated industry.  Their primary product, a disposable respirator with antimicrobial product protection, needed clear and consistent product documentation.  Working with a team from Quality Control, Engineering, and Regulatory, we managed the creation of the full document package including engineering drawings, test protocols, manufacturing process flows, and material specifications.  Once approved, this document package was submitted to regulatory bodies to support registration of 14 models of respirator products.  In addition, the document package made SafeLife feel confident that they were providing clear product manufacturing and testing instructions to overseas suppliers.

“Jennifer has provided invaluable leadership in the creation, development, and management of complex and highly critical project documentation necessary for both national and international regulatory approval.  Her attention to detail, ability to readily grasp complex issues, persistence, patience, and interpersonal skills have been a significant asset to the company.  These attributes, combined with her technical writing and project management skills, have made her one of the most heavily-relied-upon members of our team and a pleasure to work with.”

Michael T. Stocks, MS
Quality Assurance Manager
SafeLife Corp